Catalyst Counseling

THE CHALLENGE We faced the challenge of creating the image for Justin Der, a Christian counselor focused on personal growth. Although the client had a powerful vision, our challenge was to translate it into a branding and a website that authentically communicated the idea that growth is a shared journey. Our mission was not only […]

Cullen Finlayson

THE CHALLENGE We faced an exciting challenge in creating the image for a talented photographer, Cullen Finlayson, determined to project the excellence of his work through branding and establish a digital space where viewers could immerse themselves in his art meaningfully. The main challenge was to effectively communicate Cullen’s vision regarding his commitment and the […]


THE CHALLENGE We faced the challenge of creating a website for Compañerismo Estudiantil A.C., a missionary community in Mexico focused on spreading the Good News of Jesus in universities across the country. The mission aims to strengthen students’ faith, equip them, and motivate them to be agents of change. The central challenge was to organize […]

Unidos en Misión

THE CHALLENGE We faced an unique challenge in rebranding Unidos en Misión México, which, despite being linked to United World Mission, sought to project its own visual identity and reflect the cultural richness of Mexico through its branding. The main challenge was to communicate the unity between both mission agencies while preserving the essence of […]

Trinity Church

THE CHALLENGE We faced the challenge of renewing the image of Trinity Presbyterian Church. The key challenge was translating the richness of Trinity’s identity into an appealing digital format, as the existing branding, while correct, did not convey the authenticity and vitality of the online community. Our mission was to deepen the connection between Trinity […]

Bethesda House

THE CHALLENGE We undertook the challenge of revamping the image of Bethesda House, where the mission is to recharge and strengthen Christian leaders. Despite this beautiful vision, the branding and website did not adequately reflect the essence of the place. The central challenge was to translate Mark and Pam Taft’s vision into branding and a […]


THE CHALLENGE We embarked on an exciting challenge by redesigning the branding and website for Ashrei, a spiritual training institute in the United States and Latin America. Our mission was to communicate the essence of communion with Christ more appropriately and develop a social media strategy that reflected the depth and beauty of this experience. […]